Doctor of Dental Surgery

David Pinsky, DDS, has practiced dentistry for nearly 30 years. He received his Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Maryland in 1983, and is also a member of the Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine.

Although trained in surgical techniques, Dr. Pinsky has a separate sleep practice where he creates non-surgical alternatives to CPAP devices. His dental sleep practice offers Oral Appliance Therapy for mild-to-moderate sleep apnea, and he believes that proper, monitored use of an oral appliance can add 10-15 years to the lifespan of someone living with sleep apnea.
My snoring was getting progressively worse. I notice that was tired all the time even though I was sleeping at night. So when the doctors at Sleep Co informed of the potential medical problems associated with snoring I decided to get a home sleep study immediately. Unfortunately I was diagnosed with mild / moderate sleep apnea. The doctor told me that he can make me an oral appliance which he said is like a retainer which he said would help me to breathe while sleeping. Since using the appliance I feel MUCH BETTER and my husband told me that I do not snore anymore. Yeah!!!!! Thanks to the entire team I know that my overall health and well being is back to normal.
Maria Ruiz, Patient