Side Effects Include

Nasal Congestion 90
Headaches 75
Bloating 60
Eye Irritation 90
Skin Irritation 85
Continued Tiredness 100

Is your continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device too uncomfortable to use?

You may be suffering from CPAP intolerance…and you’re not alone.

While a CPAP device can be effective for many, it’s not the best sleep apnea solution for everyone. If you’ve tried it and found that it’s just not for you, either because it’s not treating your symptoms or it’s just too uncomfortable, iHateSnoringMD offers CPAP alternatives you may want to consider. Our sleep apnea solution combines posture correction with a noninvasive sleep apnea oral appliance that targets your sleep problems and eliminates your issues with CPAP intolerance. Plus, it’s covered by most insurance providers, making it an easy and convenient choice.

Let us help you treat your symptoms with CPAP alternatives proven more comfortable for intolerant patients all over Montgomery County, Maryland. Your first sleep screening is entirely free—give us a call at 240-283-5059 to schedule your appointment today!

CPAP Side Effects

Many patients who are CPAP-intolerant feel the device is invasive. They may even report some physical side effects. The more obvious indication of CPAP intolerance is that you’re not sleeping any better at night and still feeling tired during the day.

CPAP Alternatives in Rockville, Maryland

iHateSnoringMD offers holistic CPAP alternatives to help you treat your sleep problems, combining the use of an oral appliance with posture correction to do so. The right CPAP alternatives can change your life. You don’t have to suffer through sleepless nights forever. Contact the health professionals at iHateSnoringMD today to schedule an appointment in the Rockville, MD area and let us help you deal with your CPAP intolerance so you can finally get the rest you’ve been wanting. You’ll be amazed just how fast you start to see results!

Don’t just take our word for it…see how our approach has helped others struggling with CPAP intolerance in the Rockville area!

“After using a CPAP for the past few years I wanted to try something different. The CPAP was noisy and was uncomfortable. My sleep doctors never told me that there was an alternative solution for my CPAP. Instead of a CPAP, Dr Pinsky fitted me for an oral appliance. Since having the appliance my sleep is much better. It is easy to wear and I stopped snoring. No longer do I have to be hooked up to the tubes and electric outlets when I sleep. It is a tremendous relief and I want to thank the team at I Hate Snoring for their help with my problem. Not only is the appliance great but the people at doctor’s office where amazing. I have been telling anyone who will listen to get tested and fitted for an appliance. It is so much better for me than the CPAP.” –Jose, Montgomery County, MD

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