Pam McComb-Podmostko never imagined she would be diagnosed with the same dangerous disorder her husband suffered from. Pam joined News Channel 8 to share her sleep apnea success story and bring attention to the simple treatment solution that changed her life. Though she was often drowsy, it never occurred to Pam that she had sleep apnea. Her chiropractor at Advanced Spine & Wellness Center recommended that she take a convenient at-home sleep test to screen for the sleep disorder.

Pam was shocked when the test revealed that she did have sleep apnea. She did an overnight sleep study at a sleep center for a comprehensive analysis and was even more horrified by those results, “I woke up 27 times an hour and I stopped breathing many times, up to 2 minutes at a time.” Pam was referred to ihatesnoringmd’s Dr. David Pinsky for immediate treatment for her sleep apnea.

Because Pam’s sleep apnea was categorized as moderate to severe, Dr. Pinsky treated her with a customized oral device. Pam was relieved when she found out she qualified to use the oral device. Dr. Pinsky took impressions of her teeth, created the oral device and instructed Pam to use it every night while she slept.

The results at her follow up sleep study were even more shocking than her first. Pam went from waking up 27 times an hour to zero. Her pulmonologist said they’d never seen anyone with Pam’s levels be able to use the oral appliance alone. Pam claims the oral appliance improved the quality of her life and also boasts that, “I have much more energy, I’m not sleeping during the day, and I don’t snore!”

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